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Ella's Kurls is

a range of natural hair products...

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Ellis-David's Mama

This Mango Butter is really good, leaves my son's hair nice and curly feeling moisturised.

Princess' Mama

Sis, I need to order more of everything I ordered before.

Nah honestly you're doing such a great job.

Azariah's Mama

Thank you soo much for the advice on haircare and the products. God Bless you.

May your business continue to grow and flourish IJN.

Faith & Lia's Mama

A little goes a long way and makes her hair so curly and easy to work with. the Sweet Plum & Avena Moisture Milk also helps to keep  her hair softer for longer. the consultation service provided has been as helpful as it enabled me to get the right products for my girls.

Kaiya's Mama

Don't know what's in your products but they're magical!!!!

Smelled so good!!

Trialled in in my hair first and me hair has never felt so soft!!

The LO cried but not as much as usual and her curls are so bouncy now! When she saw her hair in the mirror she said wowwwwwww.